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Maya Software, After Effects 2010
This is one of those projects that you find yourself very lucky to be working on! I was asked to come up with a Generic Network ID for Fox Business Network. I had complete and total creative freedom to come up with everything- in this industry, you can't ask for anything more! I storyboarded the idea and began fleshing out animatics. We made some small changes to the sequence of camera moves and it was off to animation and compositing. I had the luxury of time on my side with this project and was able to really put in the detail where it was needed. My only regret is not being able to use Mental Ray to render it- it was all done in Maya Software. Also, I pretty much maxed out the amount of 3D camera data you can bring into After Effects- it was the only way to get all those trees into the comp. My role on this project was designer & animator.